Shout Out To The Spiralizer 

Shout Out To The Spiralizer 

Shout Out To The Spiralizer 

So there I was in low carb burn out. No meat on earth sounded good. All I wanted was a tasty salad, some yummy pasta, one lonely potato chip would have made me happy….been there???

I remembered some delish looking stuff I had seen around the inter web and BAM it hit me. I needed a Spiralizer, and it did not disappoint. Here are a few things I have dished up with mine.

My favorite. Pasta Salad (free of pasta of coarse). I simply spiraled up some zucchini I had in the fridge, added all my favorite salad toppings, and a splash of  my  favorite Balsamic Vinegaeratte. Did I miss the pasta??? Nope. I would totally eat this if I wasn’t cutting carbs.

I have to say pasta was almost always on my dinner plate in some form of side before low carb. So naturally I missed it with my Cajun chicken. A few turns of my new kitchen jewel and some garlic sauce I whipped up and I had a quite toothsome replacement.

Eleanor spiraled her way into this Zoodle dish with a beautiful peice of salmon and a pesto that was the besto  :). I’m not much of a fish eater but this totally changed my mind.

CHIPS!!! I just wanted some crunchy something. I looked around my kitchen. Nothing crunchy and compliant to my diet. So I picked up my last apple. I was about to eat it raw when hmmmmm??? I can use my ribbon blade and make Cinnimon Apple Chips. A little patience and a oven on low heat with these guys in it really surprised me. I have had fruit chips before, store bought out of a bag, but these were sooooo much better. The kids even loved them!

I was a skeptic. Thought that I didn’t need “another ” kitchen gadget that I will never use. The spiralizer however was a purchase I have yet to regret. It can serve so many purposes and keep your pasta cravings at bay. Easy prep, easy clean up and makes things look down right fancy. I’m team spiralizer!

Got any kitchen gadgets you couldn’t live without??? Let is know We would love to check it out!

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