Double Chocolate Walnut Muffins

Hello Everyone!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week! This muffin recipe has been a huge hit around here this week, in fact I have already made them twice. It came about while I was daydreaming about all the ways you can use sugar free chocolate chips (which I recently discovered and fell in love with). Cookies were the obvious first choice, which is why I didn’t go that route. If a low carb, sugar free cookie is what you’re after, there are TONS of awesome recipes out there by some pretty awesome bloggers like this¬†one for example. However, if you have a pretty tight relationship with your muffin tin and you are all about cute cupcake liners (guilty :]!), then give these ridiculously wonderful muffins a shot, we promise you won’t just make them once.

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Cinnamon Roll Cloud Bread With Cream Cheese Icing

Afternoon Everyone,

We hope your week has been wonderful :] . On my (Eleanor) Keto journey, I recently discovered¬†cloud bread. If you’ve been low carb or ketogenic for a while you’ve no doubt heard of it. It’s zero carb, four ingredient, and wonderful. Light, airy, delicious. Well I decided to put a spin on it because I was craving cinnamon rolls. With only 5 ingredients to the rolls and 5 ingredients to the icing, you really can’t beat it. These cinnamon cloud bread rolls are the perfect treat to indulge yourself without worrying about carbs, sugar, or guilt. Enjoy!

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