Double Chocolate Walnut Muffins

Hello Everyone!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic week! This muffin recipe has been a huge hit around here this week, in fact I have already made them twice. It came about while I was daydreaming about all the ways you can use sugar free chocolate chips (which I recently discovered and fell in love with). Cookies were the obvious first choice, which is why I didn’t go that route. If a low carb, sugar free cookie is what you’re after, there are TONS of awesome recipes out there by some pretty awesome bloggers like this¬†one for example. However, if you have a pretty tight relationship with your muffin tin and you are all about cute cupcake liners (guilty :]!), then give these ridiculously wonderful muffins a shot, we promise you won’t just make them once.

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4 Guilt Free Desserts: Because Sometimes Dessert Needs To Happen

I’ll keep this short and sweet (hehe ;] ) because obviously you came for the recipes and not my awesome banter, right? Right.

My sweet tooth is the biggest obstacle for me in my health journey. Even after two rounds of Whole 30 and now Keto, I still love desserts. A lot more than the average human I suspect. So, when I find a good recipe for a guilt free dessert that won’t kill my progress I’m all over it. Together Tiffany and I have come up with 4 desserts that are as delicious as they are innocent. Well, mostly :]. Two are specifically designed for Keto and two are more targeted towards the Paleo dieter, but either can be modified to fit your specific eating style with just a few tweaks. We hope you enjoy these, and would love to try out any favorite dessert recipes you might have, so pass them along!

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