Whole 30 Must Haves

Whole 30 Must Haves

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As this is our first post, we will start with a short (but sweet!) introduction :]

We are two moms (Tiffany & Eleanor) that are passionate about our faith, families, and affordable clean eating. We love developing clean recipes (that our families also enjoy!) and taking care of our bodies, all while not draining our bank accounts in the process.We are so grateful that you took the time to stop by our blog, and we truly thank you :]. Now, on to the list!

When I (Eleanor) first started getting serious about healing my body and losing weight, my first step was a Whole 30. If you don’t know what a Whole 30 is, I’ll link that here(http://whole30.com). I’d say by about day 10 everyone in my life was so sick of hearing about Whole 30 that they basically wrote me off, it was ALL I could talk about.So without further ado, here is our list of the top 5 Products/Ideas We Wish We Would Have Known About Our 1st Whole 30:

1.Ghee (aka clarified butter)- this is probably the most important product we used during our Whole 30, without question.We both have husbands who are super critical about clean eating as they grew up eating southern comfort food, so getting them to eat clean with us was a challenge.


Enter ghee. This little clean eating miracle changed the game in that respect.
Ghee will allow you to make “comfort food” type dishes (like mashed potatoes) with all the buttery flavor they love and none of the unapproved milk solids or casein’s prohibited on Whole 30.

2. Powdered Coconut Milk– This is a very versatile product that can be used in all recipes from sweet to savory. The flavor is mild and the texture is creamy, making it perfect for breakfast bowls, creamy garlic sauces, coffee creamer, or literally anything you can think of.

3. Riced veggies (cauliflower and broccoli)- Since grains are out for Whole 30, these are a great option as a side item or to be used in stir fry’s, etc. Most grocery stores sell a pre made version that is compliant and also delicious. We found ours at Walmart in the frozen section, just be sure that it is just veggies and salt- no sauces.

4. Make Your Own Sauces/Salad Dressings– I definitely didn’t do this the first time around and I totally wish I had. Tiffany is a super whiz at this and she rocked my Whole 30 this time around with her yummy sauces and salad dressing (we will be posting those recipes!). There are a few approved dressings out there that we do love, (Tessamae’s for example) but once you realize how simple (and fun!) it is to make your own, you’ll never buy store bought again.

Citrus Salad Dressing/Marinade
5. Avoid Egg Burnout!-For all you first timers, take heed: The egg burnout is real. If you hit the ground running on your first Whole 30 and have eggs and hash every morning for breakfast, you will get so burned out SO quickly. There are a ton of options for egg free breakfasts on Pinterest and other places that will add some much needed variety to your diet and allow you to be able to look at eggs without wanting to hurl after Whole 30 is over. Use them wisely.

Egg Free Breakfast Bowl

So there you have it, our list of the top 5 things we wish we would have utilized the first time around. We hope this was helpful to you on your own clean eating journey and that you will stick around to see what we are cooking up in the future :].

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